Thursday, 1 March 2012


Mucinous adenocarcinoma of the ovary. Stage 1A

That's what I had, that's what they took out of me.

It all seems relatively bright, actually. The tumour was floating in the centre of a sac of protective cyst like the yolk of a bad egg...that's done me good, I think. It means the cancer was isolated and couldn't brush its nasty malignant cells up against anything else, and so, judging by the scans I've had so far, it hasn't spread anywhere else.
I just need two more tests to make sure and then I can go into follow up treatment.

So it's kind of a relief. Yes, it was cancer. But I think it's over. All I need to do now is recover. Find my way back to real life. Get a place to live. And start saving money so I can go out into the unknown again. Albeit with a regular schedule to return for belly prodding and pain questions.

Not sure if I'll blog again for a while; at least not until I've gone back to writing rather than news.
But I mean it about the letter, I'll check back in a week and ask someone for their address.


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Nikki ( said...

Well it sounds good, and I hope it is good. At least for now, hurrah!

isabelle said...

yes, that sounds good, hurray!
( looking forward to some more writing of yours )