Thursday, 15 December 2011

Notes From A Dogwalk IX

The leaves have blown away from the base of the walnut tree and I can sit on the thick gnarled rootlump and place my feet, boot heavy, on the bare brown ground. The air is thinly blue and the light hits a white haze on the hills in the distance. I have eaten too many sugary things and feel sticky and sick.

There are no leaves left on the walnut tree now, not one. The twigs spring out like feelers, branches, breathing alveoli and I imagine spongy redness enclosing them like an animal lung.


isabelle said...

I know the grass is always greener and all that, but right now, your lovely words have transported me a little way into open space, open air and given me a taste of what I am missing.You really are a true adventurer.
Oh and while I'm here I'll wish you ( even though I don't feel at all in the christmas cheer yet ) a happy and interesting Christmas.

haveyouseenthisgirl said...

oh, thank you Isabelle, what a lovely comment. I hope you can feel the wind blowing your hair across your face, if you have hair that is...