Tuesday, 20 September 2011

the waiting time

when you have nowhere to live

nowhere to be

and nowhere to go.

When you're tired and exhausted and all your muscles ache and all your clothes are dirty.

When you spent 40 hours awake, crewing a yacht around the Black Sea coast from Romania to Bulgaria, saving your kayaks from drowning over and over again, high heavy seas and 3am bailouts.

When really there's nothing to do but wait in your safe place and see what happens next.

When all the world is yours but if you think about it, you have nothing.

When you've never been more in love but only because they are leaving.

When all your chances of fulfilling possibilities for the winter rely solely on help from people you haven't met yet.

When really everything could be terrible but actually you're just living on a yacht in a marina, eating and sleeping and not really thinking about what you'll do when time runs out.

When everything could happen, you just have to wait and see what it will be....and do your best to get there.

Drinking rakia in the sun.
Paddling my kayak out to lay a fishing net behind the boat.
Eggs and toast for beakfast.
Painting and mending and washing in the layabout rest time before decisions need to be made.

No further information.


Anonymous said...

Dear Usula
I am shore its you.
I have seen this Girl and watch her over several weeks on TID.

Anonymous said...

mad props, and congrats for surviving the black sea!!

Anonymous said...

i can only applause! well done, well done and follow this path!