Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tour International Danubien

This is what I#m doing.......

For the next three months I will be kayaking down the river Danube, all the way from Germany to Romania. I lack the space and time to descibe exactly how I feel about this. Gibbering panic would be two. But inner steel would be another two. I won't go on. Blethering is something I've been doing a lot of recently.

So, when you come to my blog and there's nothing new here, it's because I'm out on a river, paddling furiously, or stretched out in a tent exhausted, or trying to reach round and massage my own shoulder blades. I will get occasional rest days but computer access could still be out of reach.



Andy said...

Good luck with your big trip!

We missed you at Bill/Chavas "wedding". A lot of good cheese, bread and cider was drunk.

See you soon, Andy (& Leanne and 8 month bump...)

Andy said...

Wow. Just looked at the itinerary. That is a LONG way!